The Cultural Travel experts in Canada

Mendel Tours has been a pioneer in the development of cultural travel in Canada. The key to our success has been our educational orientation. We strive to show how each region explored is characterized by a unique relationship between its history, culture, and the natural environment.
Cultural travel means much more than museums and historic sites
We take you to the finest museums and the most significant historic sites, but our approach to cultural travel involves much more than that. Through our lectures, tours and books, we show how the local history of each destination relates to a broader context, with a special focus on the connections that link Canada and the United States with a wider world. We hope that our participants will return home with a better understanding and respect for people and places they have visited; but also a renewed appreciation of their own past, and ultimately, a deeper knowledge of themselves.
Cultural travel is about the people you meet
Crucial to our itineraries is the quality and enthusiasm of the people that our travelers come in contact with. In addition to our expert lecturers and highly knowledgeable guides, certain programs can include meetings with fascinating local residents, from authors, to famous chefs, craftsmen, artists and dignitaries.
Small groups and privileged access
Participants are divided into small groups of 15 to 20 participants, to ensure that everyone can see and hear --enjoying privileged access to special places -- as your guide helps you discover inspiring views, art objects and architectural details that you might otherwise miss.