our TEAM

DAVID MENDEL (President)

David Mendel studied at York University in Toronto, and at the University of Paris La Sorbonne, before moving to Quebec City in 1976. After completing a master thesis in art history and undertaking doctoral studies at Laval University, he became co-founder of Mendel Tours (formerly Canadian Cultural Landscapes) in 1984.

Today he is president of this company, which organizes cultural journeys across Canada for museum groups and alumni organizations. He is often called upon to give talks about the history of Quebec at international conferences and has given numerous tours of the city for visiting dignitaries.

A resident of Quebec’s historic district since 1976, he is very involved in preservation issues. He is President of the Foundation of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity - the first Anglican Cathedral to have been built outside the British Isles – and a member of the Consulting Committee for Religious Architecture of the City of Quebec

David is the author of a best-selling series of guide books devoted to Quebec City and its surrounding region. The first volume, Quebec, World Heritage City, was published in 2009. The second volume, Quebec, Birthplace of New France, was launched on May 2012.

Marina Belzile (Vice-President)

Marina Belzile is of Swiss/Canadian origin and grew up in Zurich. At the age of 22 she left for California where she studied at UC Davis and obtained a business degree in operations management. In 1992 she moved to Quebec city and, combining family and work, decided to look for part-time employment. Speaking 6 languages and having a broad range of cultural interests, she decided to get involved in tourism. First as a tour guide, but very rapidly as the owner of her own tourist agency, she worked mainly with a European clientele offering custom-made tours. In 2014 she became David Mendel’s business partner and is now Vice-president of Mendel Tours.

Marina’s organizational skills are undeniable and she is passionate about logistics. Besides being active in organizing tours and short stays in Quebec City, she is also one of our top guides. She offers guided tours to clients from cruise ships and conventions, as well as private tours for visiting dignitaries, on behalf of the provincial and federal governments, and various consulates and embassies.

In January 2014, she was named Honorary Consul of Switzerland in Quebec City.

Guides and Naturalists
Over many years we have built up a highly qualified team of guides and naturalists. Many are retired professionals who are experts in their fields.