Talks on History

Highly visual 40-minute talks for conventions, meetings and cultural travelers

Learn about the surprising role that Quebec City has played in the dramatic history of North America. Richly illustrated with superb photographs, historic images and maps, these presentations make the past come alive and make potentially complex topics both accessible and interesting.

Designed for a context of travel and learning, David Mendel’s talks have inspired hundreds of distinguished groups from around the world, including alumni groups from some of the most prestigious universities, business groups, museum groups, boards of directors, scientific groups, parliamentarians and high-ranking military officers. We would be happy to send you letters of thanks from our clients, testifying to the high quality of these talks and the tremendous impact that they have.

Quebec, World Heritage City

With its fortification walls, narrow winding streets and historic buildings, Quebec is renowned for its beauty and history. In 1985, Quebec became the first city on the continent to be placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Besieged six times in its history, Quebec was finally conquered by the English in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. Capital of New France, then capital of British North America, Quebec is, today, the heart of French culture in North America. This 40-minute presentation, which provides a colorful and entertaining introduction to the city's dramatic history, is richly illustrated with historic maps, illustrations and photographs.

Duration: 40 minutes

The British Heritage of Quebec City

Today most people think of Quebec City as the birthplace of French Civilization in North America, and this is certainly true. It is often forgotten, however, that this city was also once part of the British Empire and that, at one time, English speaking citizens made up more than 40% of the population. Indeed, in many ways it is the combination of French and English influences that we find in the architecture of the city, which makes Quebec truly unique. Come with us and discover Quebec City from another point of view. After this lecture you will probably never look at the city in the same way again.

Duration: 40 minutes

A History of the Château Frontenac

In 1893 the famous Château Frontenac Hotel opened its doors for the first time. Constructed by Canadian Pacific in the style of the great châteaux of the Loire Valley in France, the dramatic silhouette of the Frontenac, perched high on the cliff of Quebec, became not only a symbol of the city, but of Canada as well.

Part of a series of great hotels constructed for Canadian Pacific's first-class rail passengers in Canada and linked both to Europe and the Orient by the company's elegant fleet of ocean liners, the Château belonged to the greatest transportation and travel system of the early 20th century.

This PowerPoint presentation outlines the hotel's romantic history and describes some of the fascinating characters and celebrities who have graced its halls, from Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to Charles Lindbergh and Grace Kelly. It is a wonderful story.

Duration: 40 minutes

Living Along the St. Lawrence

Learn about the natural wonders of the St. Lawrence estuary and the history of the people who have lived along this great waterway over the centuries. This talk is richly illustrated with fascinating historical illustrations, maps and photographs, as well as contemporary photographs of magnificent landscapes, summer resorts, and private gardens. Discover a wealth of flora and fauna, including the whales of the St. Lawrence, ranging from the white beluga whale to the blue whale, the largest animal on earth. This is an ideal lecture to see before departing for a day in the countryside.

Duration: 40 minutes